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Amazing And Unique Diving Sites

El-Quseir has become a top diving destination in the Red Sea of Egypt. The town’s coast boasts some of the Red Sea’s most amazing underwater vistas, no less than 80 astonishing diving sites. Some of the most known are the amazing Cathedral, a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns, the flourishing gardens of Omar Sukan, the coralline paradise of Ras Quseir inhabited by dozens of Anemones, and Serib Kebir which was used as a movie set for a biographical film about the life of Hans Hass, the diving pioneer and his wife.

El-Quseir is located 205 kilometres south of Hurghada and 103km north of Marsa Alam and it enjoys an all-year-round lovely weather. The dry desert climate on the Red Sea coast can cause great temperature differences between the day and the night, and temperatures can reach highs of 40 C and lows of 18 C.

OMAR SUKAN – Zodiak Dive for All Levels of Diver

Heading north from the harbour for 15 minutes brings us to this gentle drift dive over some of the regions most outstanding coral gardens. In some places the gardens extend 50m across in a fabulous array of colours with countless schools of fish making the whole scene breathtaking. Eagle rays are often abundant here.

RAS QUSEIR Zodiak Dive for All Levels of Diver

If its extensive hard coral gardens that excite you, Ras Quseir is the place for you. From the outer corner which is a hive of activity with large tuna, barracuda, black snapper, two bar bream, sweetlips and many more, back in to the sheltered coves, the reef is in immaculate condition with various hard corals in a rainbow of colours. , The shallow areas are a haven for life which offers endless hours of ferreting amongst the pinnacles seeking out the morays, blue spotted rays, turtles, scorpionfish, batfish, crocodile fish and so much more.

PHARAOHS TOMB – Zodiak Dive for Intermediate Divers

A perfect blend of outstanding reef and an easy atmospheric cavern dive. The entry to the caverns are through a series of intriguing carved canyons and then you enter the large caverns. Outside on the reef is home to as many as 30 Blue Spotted Rays and teems with schools of reef fishes. Large Green Turtles regularly frequent the site too.

The CATHEDRAL – Zodiak Dive for Advanced Divers

The Cathedral is a large chamber in the reef which can be accessed as a simple in and out, however for those with suitable experience it is merely the entrance to a whole system of caverns that can easily keep a diver entertained for over an hour without exiting the system. Dives are restricted to a maximum of 4 divers with suitable experience.