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Sultan Selim Fortress


This citadel can be said to be the major bequest left by the Ottoman era in the city of Al Quseir. The eponymous Sultan Selim was the one under whose regime it was built in the 16th century and it was meant to serve as protection against any attacks on the Egyptian trade with India. In 1799, the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte strengthened the fort further by augmenting its defence systems with cannons on elevated parts of the walls as well as an additional podium from which to view approaching people.

The fortress got another upgrade when British forces came invading and routed Napoleon’s troops at the end of a violent skirmish. The British troops added their own upgrade to the fort by building a new gate at its entrance.

Although a lot of the fortress’ features declined with age, efforts have been made in recent times to reconstruct it and return it to what it used to look like in ancient times. The reconstruction is being done base on depictions contained in the Dйscription de l’Йgypte, a diagrammatic representation of the fortress done by the French under Napoleon. The cannons have already been replaced in their original positions. In addition to viewing a re-enaction of the fortress, visitors will also find various exhibitions of the local history and culture of the region.