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Al-Quseir is the richest in history cities comparing to other resort in the Red Sea. It has its unique architectural style of stone houses with wooden windows overlooking the seaside promenade. The resort is tranquil and secluded for those seeking a relaxed holiday. It is endowed with impressive coral reefs making it a destination sought after by divers. Its location near the Eastern Desert offers a number of great activities.

Most of the entertainment in the tranquil town of Al Quseir revolves around the water sports and diving. The historic town can be interesting to hang around with its dozens of shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs.

Offshore, visit the tectonic island of Zabargad, a geological phenomenon which is also famous as the source of the semi-precious gem olivine, mined here from 1500 BC until the mid-20th century. A ruined Temple of Semiramis is near the modern town and, inland, there are the remains of the emerald mines of Wadi Sakait, which were worked from pharaonic to Roman times. From Peridot Hill there are some breath-taking views of the surrounding blue lagoons, rich in marine life and home to many dolphins.

Diving.. Diving..Diving!

The waters of the red sea are a delight to dive in, and the underwater surroundings are fun to wade around in as well, therefore, diving is a fun sport to undertake in Al Quseir. However, there is a limit on how many divers can take a dip at a time. This regulation was put in place by the Red Sea Al Quesir Tourism Development Authority in order to prevent the underwater atmosphere from being over-burdened.

The aquatic eco-system underneath the water surface is quite reach with diverse exotic species of various shapes and body patterns to see. The reefs abound with sea turtles and other aquatic life which may not be very common in other places.

Interesting diving spots in Al Qusier:

Big Brother

You’ll find two ship wrecked boats here to explore while wreck diving under the water. This island stretches for all of 400 m and has its own lighthouse. You can also choose to wall dive along the reef’s edge among corals and other sea plants. In addition to the boats’ wreckage and the seaweed, there are also various fishes and other aquatic animals below for your viewing pleasure.

Little Brother

Well it’s logical to consider this spot as a sibling of the previous one. It’s only a short distance away from big brother, and even if there are no wreckages here, you’ll find it fun to weave and dive among the underwater caves. There are also various plants as well as reef fish, tuna, sharks, turtles, and barracuda.

Erg El Asal

You’ll definitely enjoy taking an underwater tour around Erg El Asal with its school gold fish and turtles. There are also a few sharks to be seen and the underwater view of corals and sandy patches is excellent.

Sharm El Bahari

A combination of considerable underwater space to maneuver around and beautiful sights to be seen. The picturesque collection of corals here coupled with the marine-life will make you glad that you came to Egypt in the first place.

Sharm El Quibli

This coastal bay might be a little similar to some other diving spots in the world, but then no two underwater locations can be the exact same, you’ll surely enjoy the various types of corals in this location, there are also a couple of groupers to be seen at Sharm El Quibli.

Marsa Wizri

This place has a couple of aquatic life organisms that you’re not likely to find in the same exact combination at any other reef. There are barracudas, unicorns, yellow goatfish and various reef fish species

Habili Sheik Malek

In the vicinity of this bay is the Tumb Mosque. You’ll find corals here as well and a collection of various fish types such as eagle ray, barracudas, and Napoleon fishes.

Ras Torombi

While shallow diving here, you’ll find a collection of faun as well as various types of corals. There are also assorted fish species such as rays, snappers, butterflies, and guitar sharks.


Either you take the dive from the northern or southern approach to the bay, you’re in for a splendid dive regardless. Again, a curious mix of fish species await you here ranging from glassfish to goat fish, batfish, and barracudas.

Other Things To Do

If you’re averse to moving around with fishes and getting stuck in seaweed, then here are a couple of other things for you to try out during your visit to Al Quseir

Check out the Markets and Shops

Obviously you can’t possibly buy everything on display (sorry Mr. Bill Gates if you’re reading this), but there’s a huge variety of nice stuff to choose from when you’re shopping at the markets in Al Quseir. Colorful bazaars dot the road along Sharia Al Gomhuriya where you’ll find various artefacts or close enough replicas to take back home and remind you of your time in Al Quseir. Also, the markets have the local agricultural produce on display if you’re hoping to try out some of the regional food by making it yourself.

A Mix of Religious Experiences

With the level of religious intolerance and violence that has taken place through the course of history, it’s always a delight to experience an environment where religious tolerance and peace exists. This is the case with Al Quseir, a town where Muslims and Coptic Christians live together and cohabit in peace. The city has the only church for a long distance all over the region where about 1,000 Coptic Christians worship and 33 mosques that cater to the Muslim faithful.

The previously mentioned Church- the Coptic Church of St. Mary, was built by the Italian Red sea Phosphate mining company in 1920 perhaps as a place of worship for the expatriate miners working there. It was initially named St. Barbara’s church in honor of the patron saint of miners. Although it went through some damage at some point, the Church got renovated in the year 2008.

There are also a couple of shrines in honor of pilgrims who died while performing the haj, a notable one being that of Abdel Ghaffar Al Yemeni which dates back to the 19th century.

A road on the cliff and the beach

And here’s for the silent, meditative ones who just want some physical and mental space to wander around and appreciate nature. The fishing harbor is the place for you to be with the two beaches close by, there’s also a restaurant that makes delectable seafood dishes not far from here. If you gaze into the distance, you’ll see various old buildings like a silo that was used for preserving wheat before export in the 19th century, two mosques, and an ancient police station. There’s also the remains of an old hospital that was built in the 16th century by the same king who built the Al Quseir fortress, Sultan Selim.

Off the harbor is the Corniche, referred to as Sharia Port Said. You can choose to either just watch the surrounding area, or take a drive along this nice cliff road.


Updated On April 28, 2020