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Many travelers head to Alexandria from Cairo or vice versa, and in fact, you have a ton of options for traveling between the two major cities. You may choose to take a taxi, bus, train or even a domestic flight. And surely you can also join a guided tour, hire a private car service, or rent a car. and drive yourself. If you want to travel independently, I’d recommend you to take the train.

For those who want the least hassle, consider joining a day tour or hiring a private car service. Those on a tight budget should consider a bus, although train tickets are also quite reasonably priced.

1) Bus

There are a number of regular bus services from Cairo to Alexandria and vice versa with a number of bus companies, like Blue Bus, Go Bus, West Delta Company, and Super Jet. Rates vary according to your chosen company but $5 is an average that you can consider.

Among a lot of companies running their buses between Cairo and Alexandria, I would go with Blue Bus for being the most recently established company with brand new buses and good reputation in terms of safe driving and bus maintenance.

You can check availability and price here

Finding up-to-date and reliable bus schedules can be difficult. It is best to either book online in advance or book once in Egypt from your hotel or at the bus station. Buses routes between Cairo and Alexandria usually take 3 to 3.5 hours.

2) Train

Good inexpensive train service between Cairo and Alexandria, with m train taking 2.5 to 3 hours. Most trains leave and arrive into the main Cairo rail station, Ramses Station, and there are two main intercity stations in Alexandria, the Misr Station (primary) and the Sidi Garber station.

I’d recommend taking one of the 1st class modern air-conditioned express trains for the most comfort and time savings. You can check train schedules and buy tickets online here (click on the English button).

Booking regular class passage on ordinary trains can be restricted for tourists although it is possible. But be prepared to spend much longer hours on much less comfortable and typically slower than the 1st class trains.

3) Air

Daily domestic flights between Cairo and Alexandria (and several other locations in the country) are operated primarily by EgyptAir. Note that the Alexandria International Airport is currently closed (since 2011) and the Borg El Arab International Airport is the main functioning airport; it is located about 40 km (25 miles, 1hour drive) from the city center of Alexandria. Flights take about 45 minutes. 

4) Taxis and private car services

You can also easily hire a taxi to take you in between the two cities, taxis are readily available from the airports, train stations, bus stations, or you can arrange one through your hotel. Private car services can also be scheduled for transfers between Cairo and Alexandria through companies such as Viator and Ramasside Tours. Expect the ride to take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

5) Renting a Car

Renting a car in Egypt is fairly easy and many international car hire agencies have offices at the airports as well as major cities, including Cairo and Alexandria.

You’ll just need to get an International Driving License in order to rent and drive a car in Egypt. There are two main routes between Cairo and Alexandria, the faster Route is the desert highway (has tolls) or you can take the slower Alexandria Agricultural Road via Tanta.

While it can be easy enough to rent a car, visitors who are not used to Egyptian driving may find driving and parking is really a stress-full experience, especially in the densely packed downtown areas.

I would recommend reading about other travelers’ driving experiences before choosing to drive yourself as many well-traveled drivers find driving in Egypt, especially Cairo, a nightmare. The trip from Cairo to Alexandria is fairly straightforward but for those planning to go elsewhere be aware that some desert roads are not open to tourist traffic and some roads are not in the best condition if you go off the main routes. 

6) Guided Tours

You can find many companies and individual licensed guides offering guided group bus tours and guided private day tours to Alexandria from Cairo.

Tours are a convenient hassle-free way to get back and forth between the two cities and gives you a built-in Egyptologist guide. Before booking, I would compare tour prices, itineraries, and inclusions.

Updated On April 21, 2020