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Alexandria International Film Festival

In September, the annual Alexandria International Film Festival gives the Egyptians a rare opportunity to see foreign movies without censorship: the Convention Hall on the way to the library is the main venue for the film screening.


 “Residents really like to watch movies and often go to the cinema, especially during Ramadan they show additional sessions in all cinema theatres”


In the centre of Alexandria, two shopping centres Royal Renaissance and Amir broadcast two or three movies in English on several huge screens that you may have already seen a year ago. This event is very important for locals, so after the festival, you will be able to enjoy various entertainments on the main streets. 

Festival of Tourism and Trade

From July 20 to August 20 in Egypt passes the annual Festival of Tourism and Trade. It is held in the main tourist cities of the country, including Alexandria.
Since 1997, the Alexandria International Film Festival attracts many tourists from different countries here. Every visitor will enjoy a diverse, exciting program, including sports, cultural events.
In addition, the organizers offer visitors to participate in all sorts of lotteries and contests. Winners are going to receive different prizes, starting simple souvenirs and ending with rather expensive gifts, such as household appliances, jewellery, apartments, and cars.