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Asyut Travel Guide

Asyut Travel Guide

In the upper region of Egypt, the biggest city is Asyut. Cairo is just 385km to the north of the city. The historical roots of Asyut date all the way back to the time when the pharaohs ruled Egypt. It was the capital of the 13th Nome of Upper Egypt. Its name at the time was Syut.

The Ancient Greeks had another name for the city, which they called Lycopolis. The name translates to “wolf city” after the war god named Wepwawet, which looks like a wolf in the drawings of him. Asyut was positioned just right in the middle of Lower and Upper Egypt. It was unlikely for foreigners or intruders to pass by there. But when a Westerner finally did arrive, it sent the local military and police into a frenzy as they prepared accordingly.

Updated On May 04, 2020