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How To Go To Asyut

How To Go To Asyut

You can travel to Asyut by:

1) Plane

In 2010, the first international airport was developed in Asyut. Egypt Air flies to Asyut every Sunday.

2) Automobile 

There is one long desert road which links Asyut to Cairo. If you rent a private car, make sure you fill up on gas before the long 5-hour drive because there are no gas stations along the route. You’ll also want to purchase plenty of food and water to take with you on the trip just in case you break down. On the upside, you can enjoy the beautiful desert scenery as you drive. The traffic is minimal to none.

But if you’d rather take a busier route, there is an agricultural road you can take which goes through many different towns. It will take longer than five hours to get to Asyut this way, but at least you don’t need to worry about getting stranded.

3) Train 

The main rail line from Cairo to Luxor can take you to Asyut. The train service passes through the city multiple times each day.

Updated On May 04, 2020