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It might take you some time to find good Restaurants in Asyut. But likely, Most hotels have restaurants, the best being the mid-priced rooftop restaurant at Al-Watania Palace Hotel, although the Assiutel is currently the only place in town serving alcohol.

There are the usual fuul and ta’amiyya stands around the train station and some more upmarket options along the Nile and a very friendly cafe.

The Restaurant at the Al-Watania Palace Hotel

You can find lots of hotels in Asyut with restaurants in them. But the Al-Watania Palace Hotel has the best restaurant because it is on top of the roof and serves a lot of delicious foods. It is priced a little higher than other restaurants, but you get what you pay for. If you want alcoholic beverages, then you must go to Assiutel instead. They are the only place in Asyut where you can purchase alcohol.

Kushari Galal

The most reliable carbohydrate intake place in town – delicious, convenient and open late.

Casablanca Sweet

Restaurant Come here for savory fiteer (Egyptian pancakes), pizzas (though nothing to do with the Italian variety) and sweet crêpes.