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Food And Restaurants In Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis is a quite small town that there are no distinctive restaurants for tourists, but you can find everything you need in supermarkets around the corner. However,

The market area on Sharia Misr houses several good and cheap roasted chicken and kebab joints that fire up after dusk. Fresh veggies can be found along the street between Sharia Misr and Telephone centrale. As for restaurants here are some recommendations in case you would skip eating at your hotel or camp.

Cleopatra Restaurant

This restaurant offers local Egyptian menus (breakfast, lunch & dinner) Great for fuul, felafel and scrambled eggs and Sausages. Ask for the price first, as the owner may try to impose a ‘tourist tax.’

Popular Restaurant

It serves (breakfast, lunch & dinner) The main option in town, with set multi- course meals. Usually guests choose among fish, chicken and meat. It is advised to avoid eating any type of raw vegetable for being washed with tab water.

Rashed Restaurant

Another good local choice in the oasis of Bahariya with a few more choices and variety of Egyptian and Italian menus Big and clean place where you can enjoy lunch & dinner at reasonable prices.

Here also they serve alcoholic and fresh juice as well.