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Getting Around Bahariya Oasis

Ordinary vehicles are able to drive the first kilometre or so off the road into the White or Black Deserts, but only 4WD vehicles can advance deeper into either area. Some travellers simply get off the bus and take themselves into the White Desert – but be sure you have adequate supplies, and remember that traffic between the neighbouring oases is rarely heavy.

The megaliths west of the highway are easy to access by foot, as are the so-called mushrooms to the east; the weirdest wonderland of white hoodoos is quite far to the east, and walking there would be a real haul. Bir Regwa, a small spring situated along the highway at one of the park entrances, usually has water; it’s good to know where it is (just in case), though best not to rely on it.

There are plenty of safari outfits that can take you around these sights by jeep, camel, or on foot (camel and walking trips are vehicle– supported). If you’re mainly interested in the White Desert, 4WD trips are significantly cheaper from Farafra than from Bahariya.