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About The City Of Dahab

The translation of the world Dahab directly means gold, and this is obvious in the sandy beaches that lie by the sea which look golden from a distance. With silence and peace, this is one of the most enthralling spots where you can lounge under the warm morning sun and watch its orange reflection of the mountains.

Dahab developed in the metropolis of the Assallah, a Bedouin village which is sited on Sinai’s southeast coast. Private beach huts at affordable costs are available to travelers who need some time off. There are also restaurants and kiosks where people can purchase food and souvenirs respectively, also at reasonable prices. This is why the area often attracts adventurer seekers on a budget who just need a cheap place to dive, camp, and have fun in peace.

With the influx of travelers and adventure seekers, hotels are springing up in the Dahab area, offering luxury travelers a nice place to stay while enjoying the beauty of Dahab. Dahab’s many attractions include the exotic marine life, providing a beautiful experience for scuba divers, as well as sunny and windy weather in which windsurfers can enjoy drifting on the red sea. The mountains are also a beautiful sight to behold with opportunities for rock climbing. Another interesting delight with which Dahab thrills visitors is the camel diving safaris.

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Updated On March 25, 2020