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Dahab provides more than just diving and beautiful marine life. The place boasts some really nice restaurants where you can be served delectable meals at very affordable prices. Below are some of the restaurants in Dahab that stand out.

Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t get scared just yet. Hell’s kitchen where you’ll feel like you’re back in good old Britain with standard pork sausages and some proper bacon among other traditional English meals.
Offers Steakhouse, Barbecue, European Cuisines & drinks.
Serves breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Located in 2 El Melil Street, Lighthouse, Dahab 46617, Egypt

Website: Click  Here

Athanor Cafe-Pizzeria

The signature food from this Italian Restaurant is Any Pizza. Perhaps Any Pizza is better than some of the brands you order back in the states.

Located in 3 El Melil Street Light House Area, Dahab 46617, Egypt

Website: Click Here

Fresh Fish

Make no mistakes, this is not a strict seafood place, they’re more popular for Any Burger, a serving that will give burgers anywhere else a run for their money.
Serves Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Brunch.

Located in Dahab, Masbat Bay, Egypt

Website: Click Here

King Chicken

You can choose from an array that includes Grilled Chicken, Lesan Asfour Soup, Molokheya, and Rice. It’s a place where you are sure to enjoy yourself and have a really good treat. A quick warning is in order though. It’s normal for the restaurant to get crowded most of the time, so you might have to opt for the option of taking your meals away as opposed to sitting there and eating it.
Serves Lunch, Dinner & Late night

Located in Al-Mashraba, Dahab, Egypt

Website: Click Here

Shark Restaurant

Courteous waiters, heavenly aromas wafting to your nostrils… Shark Seafood Platter is where you want to go get dinner after a day of sightseeing and diving.

Located in Beachside Promenade, Masbat Bay, Dahab 46617, Egypt

Website: Click Here

Updated On March 25, 2020