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Things to Do In Dakhla Oasis

Things to Do In Dakhla Oasis

El Dakhla Oasis is famous for the traditional sightseeing and tours it offers.  However, other exciting activities can make your stay in this isolated part of the Western Desert memorable, and we have highlighted some of them below:

Bir Al-Gebel

Right at the heart of the spectacular desert scenery, this site is one of the day-trip destinations known for the best music and several school children, thus overpowering any initial atmosphere.

The evenings come with maximum peace and blazing stars that grace the night sky.  If you find yourself in Bir Al-Gebel during the peak of the spring, you should check out the serene natural spring, sitting just 500m away, carefully masked by a brick pump house.

Magic Spring

Offering a perfect atmosphere of coolness under the palm trees, the rock-lined pool called the Magic Spring is one of the best places to be in El Dakhla Oasis.  It is situated just off the Qalamun road.

Mut Talat (Chargeable)

The most prominent feature of this hot sulfur pool is its relatively easy access.  The Mut Talata is situated at the site of the small Mut Inn, which means you must pay to take a dip, except you are lodged in the inn. Despite the unusual color, it doesn’t in any way reduce the warm and relaxing nature of water, although you may end up with a stained cloth.

Rock Carvings

Situated in the heart of the unusual rock formations around 45km towards Al-Kharga is an archaeological spot where two prominent caravan routes once met. There are also prehistoric petroglyphs of giraffes, camels, and tribal symptoms.

You may not get the best of these unique images though, as some careless travelers have ruined them with their graffiti. This site is best accessed and navigated in a 4WD with a good driver.

Updated On March 25, 2020