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Most hotels and restaurants will also offer to take you on a trek around the area. A typical day trip includes visits to Al-Gedida and Qalamun, a drive through the dunes, visits to a spring and a tour of Al- Qasr. Alternatively, aspiring taxi drivers can drive you to outlying sights for around for a half day.

The owners of the Bedouin Camp are camel experts and can arrange long and short trips into the desert around Dakhla. 

if you want to go further afield, check with the tourist office to confirm whether the person taking you has the necessary permits – Dakhla is one of the closest oases to Gilf Kebir, but permits to go there are only issued from Cairo. For more information about desert safaris please contact us.

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1) The Nile & Western Desert

Visit Cairo’s landmark Giza pyramids and historic towns of Memphis and Saqqara. Explore the Baharia Oasis home to special places like Pyramid and English Mountains and other sites. See ancient burial grounds in the Valley of the Mummies, conquer the Black and Flower Deserts and see amazing rock formations. Later on, visit the Dakhla Oasis with over 500 hot springs & other nearby places Visit Bagawat Oasis and explore its old Christian cemetery and chapel. Enjoy marvelous Luxor with all its major sites like the Karnak and Luxor temples before returning to Cairo for more adventures