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How To Go To Giza

The most efficient traffic-beating way is to go via metro to Giza, then by taxi, microbus or bus.

Microbuses cluster at the bottom of the west side stairs from the metro.

You can get o  where the van turns off Pyramids Rd (at Sharia al Mansouria, with the Tiba Hotel on the southeast corner), and walk 1km straight to the entrance.

Buses stop on the north side of Pyramids Rd, just west of the underpass.

Hop any headed for Midan al -Remaya and get off at Sharia al-Mansouria, or look out for 355 or 357, which terminate in front of Mena House Oberoi, about 250m from the site entrance.

Returning to Cairo, taxis will try to convince you to go for a flat fare, rather than on the meter.

Walking out further helps. You could also take a tuk-tuk from the Sphinx side out to Pyramids Rd, which will be a much cheaper ride.