Tomb Of General Horemheb


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Tomb Of General Horemheb

Tomb Of General Horemheb

General Horemheb went to Saqqara to build his own tomb during the rule of the youthful Tutankhamun. As the final pharaoh to rule in Dynasty XVIII, the Valley of the Kings at Thebes contains a royal tomb which would become his final burial place.

Starting in 1975 and ending in 1978, a man named Geoffrey Martin led an excavation expedition at the tomb. His team discovered an elaborate complex that was constructed in three different stages. It appeared to be almost like a mortuary temple. Unfortunately, there was significant damage to most of the reliefs in there.

The rear of the tomb contains three chapels that are accessible from the second courtyard. Archaeologists have obtained a lot of information from the wall reliefs that are still intact. They tell the history of what took place toward the conclusion of General Horemheb’s time in the military and Dynasty XVIII.

Restoration efforts have been made at the tomb of General Horemheb throughout the years. Several replicas of the original reliefs have been made.

Updated on May 5th 2020