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Kharga Oasis Travel Guide

Kharga Oasis Travel Guide

As the capital of the new Valley Governorate, it is the most important part of the oasis in the Western Desert. Although the New Valley governorate occupies around one-third of the whole land of Egypt, it contains the least population density in the whole nation with around 250,000 inhabitants nowadays.

The reason behind this is the vast deserts surrounding the area. Tourism is not considered a major activity for the people living in Kharga. Most of them work in normal jobs like the other cities of Egypt. It also hosts one of the largest phosphates mimes in the world in the area of Abu Tartour.

Kharga is connected to the Nile Valley with a set of roads. The first one goes from Asyut to the Kharga while the second goes from Kharga to Dakhla and Farafra.

El-Kharga is famous for a large number of palm-trees, pigeon-houses, fields, monuments, wells, artisans, and honey-colored hills. Pure springs and natural wells completely unpolluted by chlorine or other chemicals are scattered in several locations in the Oasis.

The local people are very kind and welcome the visitors. There are lots of things you can do there like visiting historical websites, riding camels, sleeping under the stars, or just relaxing between the high palm-trees. The life there is simple but extremely satisfying!