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01) 11 Day Long Nile Cruise

Experience ten phenomenal days on a luxurious Nile cruise, watch the sun rise and set on your private balcony. Sail to small villages where you will visit ancient burial grounds carved out of rocks, mysterious pyramids with secret chambers and beautiful temple complexes. Visit towns like Beni Suef known for cotton-spinning and carpet making, where you’ll interact with villagers. Sail to magnificent Luxor and visit the Karnak and Luxor temple complexes and ancient sites

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02) Dendera & Abydos by bus

While enjoying your vacation in Hurghada, take a day to explore two of the most magnificent pharaonic temples: the Temple of Dendera, located around 60 kilometers north of Luxor, and the Temple of Abydos, situated around 250 kilometers north of Luxor. Both temples are remarkable, finely preserved, and have important historical significance

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