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The food situation is different in Rosetta as it is made for local people and the restaurants there in most cases do not leave up to the level a traveler can find in nearby cities like Alexandria.

However, while exploring the Ottoman houses, you are bound to pass by some of the fish places. Fresh fish are grilled in the streets, and most places have a place to sit down. This might feel too basic for many, but if the fish smells fresh before preparing, there should be no risk involved. 

Abaza Restaurant

Just down the street from the museum, this hole-in-the-wall serves straight-ahead kofta (mincemeat and spices
grilled on a skewer) and other grilled meats in a little upstairs room with a red carpet and single table.

Wadi Al Molouk Restaurant

Offers Grilled meats & Barbeque

Located in Al Seka Al Gadida, Rasheed,22755, Egypt

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