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In spite of being a very small city compared to other nearby destinations, Taba has many places to enjoy and many things to do as well. With that being said let us dive into our list of places that deserve seeing in Taba.

Pharaoh Island

km south of Taba and off the Egyptian coast, this tiny islet in turquoise waters is dominated by the much-restored Castle of Salah Ad-din. The castle is actually a fortress built by the Crusaders in 1115 but captured and expanded by Saladin in 1170 as a bulwark against feared Crusader penetration south from Palestine  

Taba Heights

Located about 20 km south of Taba. Taba Heights is one of the lynchpins in Egyptian efforts to create a Red Sea Riviera’. After years of construction, it now houses five luxury hotels, a casino, upmarket shops, bars and restaurants, a private medical clinic and extensive water-sports facilities.