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How To Go To Wadi Al Natron


Alexandria-bound West & Mid Delta Co buses from Cairo Gateway can drop you on the Desert Hwy close to Wadi Natrun (tell the driver you want to get off at Master Mall and Rest), but charge the full price to Alex (E£120).

Cheaper are microbuses (E£75, one hour) from Midan al-Remaya near the Pyramids of Giza, or West & Mid Delta Co buses from Abboud (E£100); the buses go into the less-than-lovely town of Wadi Natrun.

Tuk-tuks and taxis wait at the highway and the bus depot. A tuk-tuk to Deir Anba Bishoi and Deir el-Sourian (you can walk between the two), with pickup a couple of hours later, will cost E£100.

To visit all four monasteries, you’ll need a taxi; expect to pay around E£120 per hour.

A taxi from Cairo should cost about E£500 there and back, including a couple of hours driving around to all the monasteries