Marsa Matruh Travel Guide

About the City of Marsa Matruh

Marsa Matruh, a hidden gem along Egypt‘s Mediterranean coast, offers a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness. Here’s an overview of this captivating city:

  1. Geographical Setting
    • Located in a large circular bay, protected by natural rock formations that act as a breakwater.
    • The city is the capital of the Matrouh Governorate, stretching along the coast from the Alexandria-Matrouh highway to the Egypt-Libyan border and deep into the western desert, including Siwa Oasis.
  2. Stunning Beaches and Coastal Beauty
    • Known for its pristine sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, Marsa Matruh is a haven for beach lovers.
    • Notable beaches include Agiba Beach and Gharam Beach, renowned for their breathtaking beauty.
    • Cleopatra’s Beach, a historic spot believed to have been visited by Cleopatra, is a major attraction.
  3. Climate and Best Time to Visit
    • The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with moderate summers and mild winters.
    • The ideal times to visit are in May and September, when the weather is most pleasant.
  4. Marine Life and Water Colors
    • The varying depths of Matruh’s bay result in a stunning spectrum of blue to green waters.
    • The sea ground’s irregularity creates an underwater world of mountains, valleys, and vibrant fish species, ideal for marine exploration.
  5. Historical Significance
    • Marsa Matruh is steeped in history, notably during World War II.
    • The city was the command post for Erwin Rommel, famously known as the Desert Fox, during the Battle of El-Alamein.
    • Rommel’s cave has been transformed into the “Rommel Museum,” a site of historical interest for visitors.

In summary, Marsa Matruh is not just a coastal retreat but a place where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil beach experience, interested in exploring rich marine life, or keen to delve into historical sites, Marsa Matruh offers a unique and enriching experience that stands out among Egypt’s Mediterranean destinations.

Created On 1 Jan 2019

Updated On April 27, 2024

Graduated hues of blue in the sea with a distant sandy islet and a solitary boat under a clear sky
A serene ocean panorama, where the water meets the sky
Silhouettes of people playing on a beach structure against a vibrant sunset
Evening Playtime - As the sun dips low, the sky becomes a canvas, painting a perfect backdrop for moments of joy and play

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