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Embark on an unforgettable journey along the world’s longest river aboard the Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus. This premier Nile cruiser is your gateway to a majestic world where serene landscapes and ancient history blend into a breathtaking tapestry that floats gently by.

Welcome Aboard the Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus

The Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus isn’t just a cruise; it’s an experience. With 60 elegantly furnished cabins, each spanning approximately 22 square meters, comfort is paramount. Every cabin is a sanctuary of peace, equipped with large, panoramic windows offering unobstructed views of the Nile’s enigmatic waters. These windows not only bathe the room in natural light but also bring the timeless beauty of the Nile directly to you.

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, the Royal Lotus boasts two magnificent Royal Suites. These expansive suites provide an elevated level of luxury and privacy, featuring extra amenities and space to make your stay truly exceptional. Whether you’re sipping a morning coffee or enjoying a sunset, the views from here seem to encapsulate the very essence of tranquility and splendor.

Voyage Itineraries

Flexibility in travel is a cornerstone of the Royal Lotus experience. Voyages can commence from the historic Luxor or the enchanting Aswan. Each route has been carefully planned to ensure that passengers can explore the most iconic sights of ancient Egypt. From the grand temples of Karnak and Luxor to the mystical Philae Temple in Aswan, each day presents a new chapter of history to discover.

Dining and Leisure on Deck

Dining aboard the Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus is an affair to remember. Our chefs prepare a variety of international and local dishes, catering to all palates, using fresh ingredients sourced from the regions along the river. Imagine dining under the stars, with the gentle Nile breeze complementing a perfect meal.

Leisure activities on the cruiser are thoughtfully designed to enhance your Nile experience. Enjoy a dip in the pool on the sun deck, relax with a book in the lounge, or indulge in a spa treatment as you glide past Egypt’s scenic wonders.


Book Your Journey

Availability on the Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus is coveted and limited. To secure your passage on this unparalleled Nile cruise, early booking is highly recommended. Whether it’s the allure of drifting peacefully past ancient temples, the luxury of your cabin, or the exceptional service and amenities onboard, this cruise promises a holiday experience that is both memorable and majestic.

Embark with us for a voyage where each bend of the river offers a new perspective on Egypt’s glorious past, all from the comfort of one of the Nile’s most distinguished cruisers. Book now and ensure your spot on the Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus, where the legends of Egypt unfold in style and comfort.

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