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Navigating Your Way Around Qena

Getting around Qena, and the surrounding region in Upper Egypt, can be an interesting part of your travel experience. Here’s a guide to the various transportation options available:

  1. Train Travel
    • Trains are a highly recommended mode of transportation for moving between cities in this part of Egypt.
    • Offering both comfort and scenic views, they connect major cities and are a reliable way to travel.
  2. Buses
    • A well-established network of buses connects Qena to other towns and villages.
    • Buses are a cost-effective option and are generally reliable for intra-regional travel.
  3. Servees (Service Taxis)
    • Servees, or shared service taxis, are a common sight in Qena.
    • They offer a more flexible and often faster option than buses for short to medium distances.
  4. Pick-up Taxis
    • For a more private and direct mode of travel, pick-up taxis are available.
    • They can be hired for trips within the city or for traveling to nearby areas.
  5. Navigating Security Checkpoints
    • The security situation in Egypt can be dynamic, and sometimes certain areas may be restricted for foreigners.
    • You may encounter police escorts or security checkpoints, especially when traveling outside urban areas.
    • Allow extra time for potential delays at these checkpoints, as escorts may need to change vehicles.
  6. Travel Tips
    • Always stay informed about the current security situation in the region.
    • Be flexible with your travel plans to accommodate unexpected changes or delays.
    • Engaging with local guides or tour operators can provide added insight and help in navigating any logistical challenges.

In summary, while traveling around Qena, trains, buses, servees, and taxis offer a range of options to suit different preferences and needs. It’s important to stay aware of the security situation and plan accordingly, allowing extra time for travel and considering the use of local guides or tour operators for a smoother experience.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

QENA Travel Guide
Modern Talgo high-speed train in motion on tracks
An ancient sandstone temple by a river, with its clear reflection on the water surface.
The serene riverside temple echoes its grandeur on the water's surface, a testament to ancient architectural prowess

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