Travel with Kids

Travel with Kids to Egypt

Visiting Egypt along with children can be enchanting. Looking at ancient monuments or even seeing a camel up close could be for them a dream come true. Minor practical bargains for you could be made easier by the extremely warm welcome shown towards these young ones.

Egypt for Kids

The attitude of people in Egypt towards children is very accommodating. This quite makes up for the lack of kiddies’ infrastructure such as playgrounds. Waiters in all but the best restaurants are elated to see children. It should come as no surprise if your baby gets hugged and kissed by everyone while being passed around the place, or your child fed sweets while placed on laps.

This kind of interest is less likely to be received by teenagers, though their Egyptian counterparts will probably look younger and more secluded. Separation of the sexes is more usual by adolescence; hence teenagers should stick with adult manners when they come across Egyptians of their age.

You may become nervous concerning the practical safety standards here. Do not expect car seats or seatbelts in cabs or even private vehicles, or life preservers for children on boats.

Be prepared for diarrhea or other stomach related problems when you are down and the children are still itching to go, since food preparation hygiene is incoherent.

The hot and dry weather in Egypt is could make kids lose body fluids quickly; therefore rehydration salts which can be purchased cheaply at all pharmacies could be essential. Ensure that kids do not come in contact with stray animals so they do not contact any diseases.

Baby formula is gladly available, as well as disposable nappies. High-chairs are frequently obtainable in restaurants, and babysitting amenities are usually obtainable in luxury hotels.

Though tasty snacks like sesame seed bars, peanuts, and dried fruits are common here, it is necessary to come outside prepared with your own stock as there is a possibility of being somewhere that does not have much.

Great books on Egypt subject as well as toys are available in bookshops in any luxury hotel, should you require more indulgences during your trip.

Children’s Highlights

Besides the obvious fun things like a view of the pyramids and a camel ride, there is a lot more activities in Egypt that could be of interest to children. In the desert, on water, or at ancient sites, some hints for child-friendly fun are as follows.

Desert Life

Experience the unearthly landscape of the white desert, while on a Western Desert tour from within a jeep.

Children can dive-bomb into springs and nibble on fresh dates once at Siwa. Despite the extensive bus ride, its soft ambiance is perfect for children.

The Birqash camel market holds an adventure on its own. Older children will be marveled, especially those who are passionate about photography. However, the camel’s tendency to run in startling directions makes little kids a burden.

Wilderness Adventures Egypt in Sinai operates a camel riding school and a stargazing course, to make sense of the radiant sky in the Sinai.

Discover in Wadi al-Hittan, how the whale ended up in the desert, where fossils are situated in the sand. Also sandborading on nearby dunes are inclusive here.

Ancient and Awesome

Entering the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza will be amazing for older kids. However, check for the likelihood of claustrophobia prior to this.

Can the children find King Tut’s wig box? Where are the baboon mummies? Come up with a practical treasure hunt at the Egyptian Museum.

Everybody loves the planetarium at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Here bookies can go through historic manuscripts and lovers of science can discover the science museum.

All Aboard!

Go along with Egyptian families on a Friday on the boat to Qanater, the Nile Barrages on the outskirts of Cairo.

The trains in Egypt are hardly ever crowded in first class, and this makes a journey to the Delta a less stressful half-day out. Especially to Tanta which is well known for its sweets.

Be it an evening in Cairo or a many-day trip in Upper Egypt, a felucca ride is a perfect place to play pirate.

If done slowly, the walk up Mt. Sinai is not very tiring and teenagers in particular will enjoy being out at night.

Horse riding at sunset by the pyramids of Giza provides all-size helmets.

Get a less stress view of the city of Alexandria by riding the tram from end to end at a cheap cost, or get on a bike in Luxor’s west side to catch a breeze.

On the Water

An amazing welcome to the marine world would be snorkeling in the Red Sea. Look for areas where children can float beside a reef and not directly over it.

Boats of various sizes get repaired on the Alexandria shipyards. Inquire from would-be captains which ones they would like to rudder. Conclude with a stopover at the fish market and then dinner at any of the welcoming restaurants.

Port Said provides the possibility of shipping on a much larger extent. Observe the huge freighters get across the Suez Canal.

Updated On March 18, 2020