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In Al Minya, a city where the past and present intertwine, dining becomes an experience that transcends mere sustenance. Here are some of the city’s most delightful dining destinations, each offering a unique taste of Al Minya.

Dahabiya Houseboat & Restaurant

Anchored along the bustling Corniche, near the tourist office, the Dahabiya Houseboat & Restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience aboard a beautifully refurbished Nile sailing boat. Having undergone a transformation five years ago, the Dahabiya now boasts a charming restaurant on the upper deck, complemented by cozy accommodation below. While the two snug cabins, equipped with TVs, share a bathroom, they offer a uniquely intimate stay. Do note that the ambiance is lively, as the restaurant stays open until the final guest departs.

Savoy Restaurant

Nestled at a vibrant corner on El Gomhoureya Street, the Savoy Restaurant is a bustling hub known for its delectable rotisserie chicken and succulent kebabs. Dine in the comfort of their fan-cooled interior or grab a bite to go. This local favorite is a testament to Al Minya’s rich culinary traditions.

Koshary Nagwa

Just steps away from the souq, Koshary Nagwa is a beloved eatery, renowned for serving generous portions of Kushari, a classic Egyptian dish. Here, tradition meets flavor in every bowl. However, a word to the wise: approach their chili sauce with caution, as it’s known for its fiery heat.

Mohamed Restaurant

Amidst a street bustling with culinary variety, from juice stands to bakeries and patisseries, Mohamed Restaurant stands out for its straightforward yet delicious grills and salads. This popular spot is a perfect representation of Al Minya’s vibrant street food scene.

In Al Minya, every meal is a journey through flavors and history, offering glimpses into the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Whether it’s aboard a historic houseboat or in the heart of the bustling streets, Al Minya’s food scene invites you to indulge in its diverse and delightful offerings.

Created On April 20, 2020

Updated On January 24, 2024

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