Al Tabuna Camp El Dakhla Oasis

About Al Tabuna camp El Dakhla Oasis

Al Tabuna camp El Dakhla Oasis Close to the capital of the New Valley, near the hillside of “Tell Dush” , Has a view to the ancient ruins of the roman fortress , Tabuna which means an oven that was used to bake a bread


Protecting the guests from the Harmful sunlight and allowing a small breeze go through the tent , It has

  • Cafeteria that can be enjoyed all day long 
  • A restaurant where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served , All the food is fresh

Room Amenities:

  • Each tent is made out of wood and covered with material
  • Double rooms are available
  • A bathroom
  • A private deck
  • The tent equipped with two beds
  • A private dressing room

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