Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary Lodge

About Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary Lodge

Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary is an eco friendly lodge with 20 beautiful suites and rooms set in a large private reserve. Owned and managed by Camps & Lodges of Egypt, the distinctive property offers serenity and luxury that is stemmed from freshness and simplicity.

Al Tarfa is a true haven away from the bustling cities and the typical tourist attractions. Come for quality accommodation  and a unique oasis environment, peace and tranquility embraced by mesmerizing deserts. Bring your loved ones to breathtaking landscapes, historical relics, Saharan fortresses and simple life forms.

Take your children on a memorable trip into this magical world. Think of well-served excursions in the Dakhla Dunes Park, a camel trek across the horizon at sunset or a horse-ride at moon-rise. This is the Sahara without compromise – This is the Romance of Arabia.

Hotel Facilities:

How Beautiful to wake up by the tickling of the Calm morning sun rays

  • 20 suites and rooms
  • Lounge and bar (Dar Al Mona)
  • Garden
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Dining Rooms
  • Beit Al Waha ( Meditation Guest House)

Room Amenities:

Modern-Classic Rooms Each one has

  • mini bar
  • air-conditioning
  • authentic furniture
  • custom-made lamps
  • Private bathroom
  • Terrace

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