Cruising Along the Nile
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Along the shores of time, history flows on the Nile. The regal cruise dances on the floating river narrating tales of life and history. The timeless water of Egypt sings and smiles, as she sails in blue waters bordered by golden dunes and sightseeing shores. This voyage is a moment of magical privacy and something which will commit to memory for a lifetime.

Travelling on a blissful river cruise, gaping at the ancient tombs of the kings, where people gather around the banks, young boys bathing donkeys, families living in muddy brick dwellings along the banks, an insight from the countryside from where life first started on the Nile Valley 5000 years ago.

The Nile River rules all the features of ancient Egyptian life. Unveiling the wonders of history where the early Egyptians build temples, tombstones and historical sightseeing views lined on the shores with the busy and modern hubs like Luxor, Aswan, and Cairo.

river nile

The stately and magnificent Pyramids, footing proudly to the great Nile, stream and gush through the heart of Egypt.

Towards the evening when the sun is hiding behind the palm trees reflecting on the crystal clear glass-like water, filming the journey of the birds back home, capturing the moment in the eyes of the river bed, confines the scene into a picture. The Nile becomes wiser embracing the festivities of the night.

The enticing Nile flows calm, braided around many islands and ancient cities like Luxor and Aswan and beautifully landscaped, through the desiccated khaki desert, lush green riverbanks, dotted with emerald beach palm trees and tall green grasses adorning the outline of the coastline with granite rocks and gravel.

MS Sonesta St. George Nile Cruise

The blinking strings of lights and bulbs twinkling and sparkling like the golden and silver stars from the ships and boats. These watercraft swarm along the riverbanks.

Movenpick SB Feddya is one such boutique ship which sails through the Nile. The sailing cruise takes you all the way to make your journey mesmerizing, thrilling and attention-grabbing. The floating hotel provides a journey, truly enjoyable and memorable along the mighty river of Egypt exploring the culture.

You pass the Egyptian rural life, seeing most of the famous sights; the “Valley of the Kings” opens windows of the past and the collection of the elaborated tombs of the pharaohs.

The gorge is snuggled in the sea cliff of the west bank. The ancient Pyramids hold the ancient secrets of the pharaohs and the historical mysteries buried. The glimpses of the unforgettable prehistoric sites and monuments illustrate that the early Egyptians were intelligent and the inventors of the modern civilization that exists today.

The famous Karnak temple was the “god’s mansion” and a symbolic home for the Gods, where religious rituals took place. Egypt is rich in ancient architectures, largest monuments, and tombs of the world.

a cruise sailing down the nile

The Nile cruise is a way to sneak a look at ancient Egypt and its remains. The deep high-flown sensation gives you tremors resting on the deck of the water-vessel, gazing at the blue sky, enlightened with the red and golden shades of the twilight, wondering people have marvelled and witnessed the breathtaking picture for years.

The astonishing experience of the cruise connects you to both the modern and ancient civilizations.

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