The Temple Of Derr

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The Temple Of Derr

About The Temple

For any visitor hoping to see The Temple of Derr in its original state, it is a little too late because its entrance and atrium have been destroyed over time. However, the covering of the inner court is still extant as well as the four square columns that support it.

This temple seems to have been built in the similitude of Rameses II’s great temple and the temple of Hathour at Abu Simbel with various paintings and carvings adorning the wall.

A particularly attractive one among the carvings is that of a sacred boat bearing the god Re-Herakhte being carried by a priest, the divine pharaoh, Rameses II is depicted walking alongside the boat donning a cloak made from leopard skin.

Similarity With The Great Temple Of Abu Simble   

Just like in The Great Temple, the inner court of Derr’s temple features 4 images of Ramesses and the three other gods, however, these forms were defaced by Christian extremists. The increase in the water level at Lake Nasser threatened to wipe out the temple but for an intervention in 1964.

Updated On March 16, 2020