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Things To Do In Abu Simble

Major Activities In Abu Simble

1) The Sound & Light Show

One of the top activities you can enjoy in this magnificent town is the Sound & Light Show in Abu Simble.

A sound-and-light show is performed nightly. Headphones are provided, allowing visitors to listen to the commentary in various languages. While the text is flowery and forgettable, the laser show projected onto the temples is stunning and well worth the detour. 

Duration is about 45 minutes.

2) Enjoy Lake Nasser’s Stunning Views And Its Fishing Prospects

For tourists who are also fishing enthusiasts, Lake Nasser is an adventure of a lifetime being the world’s largest artificial lake with a freshwater aquatic habitat playing host to exotic fish species like Tiger Fish and the Nile Perch.

Nile Perches thrive and grow well in lakes as opposed to rivers, and so fishers fishing in Lake Nasser have been known to catch Nile Perches in the 50-200ibs weight range.

Apart from Tigerfish and Nile Perch, various other types of rare and amazing fishes abound in the Lake such as two species of Tilapia, Moonfish, and the spectacular Vundu variety of the Catfish species.

In addition to the fishes, there are also various species of crocodiles for your viewing pleasure at Lake Nasser, spinning, drift casting and trolling are all various fishing activities in which you can get involved on the lake.

Despite the natural beauty and interesting aquatic life at Lake Nasser, a slight drawback is the complete absence of electricity and cellular network coverage. Therefore, tourists who come unprepared for these may find themselves stranded and isolated.