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01) Abu Simble by bus from Aswan

It is always preferable and recommended to visit the most wonderful temple of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Abu Simble, while the guests are enjoying their vacation in Aswan.

It is only about a three hours drive by the most comfortable buses to get from Aswan to the new location of the Temple of Abu Simble 280 kilometers to the South. Never miss the chance for a day full of excitement and pleasure while you are already in Aswan

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02) Abu Simble by Plane from Aswan

 While you are in Aswan, don’t miss the chance to explore the wonders of the breath-taking temple of Abu Simble. This temple is situated 280 kilometers to the south of Aswan after being relocated due to the construction of the High Dam.

This marvelously tailored tour gives you the opportunity to go visit Abu Simble by plane and come back to Aswan on the same day. The tour is quite comfortable and visiting Abu Simble is truly worth it!

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