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Best Tours In Al Menya

Being rich in history, Al Minya has a lot to offer for an enthusiastic traveler. Here is our favorite list of Day Tours In Al Minya.   

01) Al Minya Day Tour 

Although it is largely kept out of the touristic map of Egypt, the city of El Menya has some remarkably interesting historical sites that are quite worth a visit.

Take a chance and explore some of the monuments that only a few people were lucky enough to visit.

El Menya, with its significant geographical location at the beginning of Upper Egypt, has always played an important role in Egyptian history. This is why the city is featured for hosting a large number of interesting historical monuments.

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02) 2 Day Trip to El Minya

This amazing 2-day adventure will take you to one of the most distinguished and important ancient treasures in the land of Pharaohs.

Here at Al Minya, a traveler can enjoy listening to different historical stories, seeing significantly unique and wonderful sites and reliefs like Tuna El Gabal, Beni Hassan, Tel Amarna, and Al Ashmonien. But above all, here travelers can get some stunning views of the River Nile.

Being here for 2 days will give plenty of time for a traveler to get the most out of all attractions in the city of Ekhnaton.

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03) The Splendid Minya Tour

Go to the center of Egypt with a visit to the town of Al Menya with its grand monuments and elaborate burial grounds in Beni Hassan and Tell El Amarna. Visit Abu Simble and enjoy an enchanting show at the Abu Simble Temple, fly to serene Aswan and visit the High Dam.

Tour the rich sites of the city and enjoy a felucca ride on the Nile. Then visit lavish Luxor for a tour of the Karnak and Luxor Temples, Valley of Kings, and other amazing sites. Return to Cairo for a tour of Saqqara’s step pyramids, Memphis and much more.

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