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Weather and Best Time to Go Al Wadi Al Gadid

The Geographical Location

It is in the southwestern part of the country, in Egypt’s Western Desert (part of the Sahara Desert), between the Nile, northern Sudan, and southeastern Libya.

Consisting of roughly a third of Egypt’s area, this spacious governorate is the country’s largest and one of the biggest subnational divisions on the African continent, as well as the world. At 440,098 square kilometers in area, New Valley Governorate is just slightly larger than the country of Iraq. The capital is at the Kharga Oasis.

The Climate

The climate here is “desert.” During the year, there is virtually no rainfall. In Al Wadi Al Gadid, the average annual temperature is 21.3 °C. About 3 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Best time to go

November 12th to May 3rd