The Western Desert In Egypt
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Covering about two-thirds of the Egyptian landscape, the western Desert occupies a massive size of 700,000 kilometers squared. The western desert spans vastly across the country’s landscape; It is bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the North, the Libyan border to the west and the Sudanese border to the south.

The scope of the entire area occupied by the desert is characterized robustly by the presence of depressions. These include: Bahariya, Kharga, Farafra, Dakhla, Siwa and Baris. Being the driest areas in the entire Sahara; these depressions offer conducive destination spots as Oases. Any visitor in any of these depressions would be puzzled at how the rains six years ago managed to blueprint such beautiful expanses in nature.

The ability of natural vegetation to sustain originality in such harsh conditions is impeccable and awesome too. Below is a description of each of the named depressions; showcasing how each distinguishes itself from the former.

1. Bahariya Oasis

Being the closest of all six oases located closer to Cairo, Egypt’s capital; It is a wonderful destination. The black hills made up of dolomite and quartzite surrounding the oases make the view stunning. Being a depression the view of the hills is robustly stunning. Nothing will amaze you more than the thermal spring found at the Oases perceived to bear restorative and medicinal characteristics by the locals.

Bahariya Oasis

The spring located in the Bedouin village will allow even for a warm swim. Good news for rock hounds; birds such as Wheatears are also located within the Oasis and may prove to be quite an appealing find. You might also want to visit the “mummies valley” that is believed to hold close to 7500 mummies said to be covered in thin golden layers. Would you wish to find out if they really exist? Well, that is if you really wish to get thrilled.

2. Kharga Oasis

Of all the six oases mentioned, Kharga is the largest of them all. If you want sufficient land to cover, well this is it. Kharga is located closest to the Sudanese border. It is not only big in size but also in infiltrating modernity within its systems. This is a place to visit if you prefer the thrill of modern Egyptian architecture.

Its size makes it a conducive place to carry out the perfect desert safari (expedition). The acacia trees and other remnant species like the “jujube” growth and “buffalo thorn” that inhabit the area offer sufficient shade as you relax in the warm weather. Pottery is done by the inhabitants as an art; who knows? the next time you visit Kharga, you may end up carrying one pot as an artifact.

Kharga Oasis

3. Farafra Oasis

This is the second largest depression amongst all six that have been mentioned, although is inhabited by the least number of persons. If you are a fan of traditional architecture characterized by simple, unadorned yet beautiful muddy houses, this is the place you want to visit. The traditional methods in building houses and the local culture will stun you. The white desert, a national park in the oasis, will amaze you by its creamish rock types.

The Fortress

You will definitely want to carry some on your way home too. Farafra oasis forms the best spot for all your camping trips especially for schools. You might also want to consider visiting the one and only location featured in the Klaxons 2009 music album “Echoes”.

4. Dakhla Oasis

Located in the western part of Egypt, Dakhla oasis harbors the largest sand dunes in the region. Visiting here may present you a lifetime opportunity to view the largest sand dunes in the Egyptian desert. The oasis is located at the center of the most important trading route in all of Egypt’s history. This is the only place you will find more than 50% of the land being cultivated hence an awesome opportunity to taste the fresh watermelons from Egyptian soil.

Fresh water springs like “Bir El Gabal” and “”Bir Talata” form the main water sources in the region. Such a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere created by warm waters will present you a once in a lifetime experience as you traverse the Egyptian landscape. The village of “Mut” may also be a place you wish to visit by virtue of the culture of its inhabitants- its simply awesome to spend time amidst such beautiful souls.

Deir El-Hagar


5. Siwa Oasis.

Located 50kms from the Libyan border, Siwa Oasis lies between the western desert and the Qattara depression. Its forms Egypt’s most isolated settlement. However, the 20,000 people who live there have developed a unique pattern of life you might want to find out. This is the right place to visit for all desert daydreamers. The blend between palm and olive trees in the oasis forms a great canopy to offer you an awesome moment during your travel. You are set to experience the best paced life in the desert.

siwa oasis

The donkey carts trundle the streets around here forming most of the street action; making it perfect for any desert safari you can imagine. At the edge of the oasis are a great deal of desert sand rolled up to the horizon, the fodder that grows here is entirely irresistible for exploration by outsiders. If you want the perfect spot away from urban areas, well, Siwa oasis will present more than a perfect choice for your needs.

6. Baris Oasis

By virtue of its small size, Baris is a good destination point for tourists with a fantasy for indoor activities and slight outdoor fun. You can rent a bike to cycle your way round the streets or better you can do a footwork. The ancient mosque of “Dosh” will stun your initial look by its startling design as you make way past the well decorated streets.

The absence of heavy traffic and the palm trees providing shade along the roads presents the perfect environment for a cycle around the oasis. This is a great mechanism too to ensure effective mingling and bubbling with the beautiful people living there. You may also hop into the local tricycles whenever you feel tired after an evening walk around the cities.

The Great Sand Sea

These depressions offer the best tourist destination points in all Egypt. They present a great place of travel where you can enjoy a wide variety of environmental activities, indulge into nature walks and cycles, relax in numerous eco-lodges, participate in desert safaris, swim in natural springs of warm water etc. A view of old sand dunes, pyramids and temple might also startle your appetite for ancient stuff. We welcome you for a visit to the western deserts of Egypt; the experience will surely not disappoint your expectations.

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