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There are not too many Events in Asyut but, as acts of old Egypt have affected today’s Egypt
Copts believe that the Sacred Family, like Christians of a later time, took cover in caves located 12 kilometers from Asyut. In their opinion, there were print-spiny acts of old Egypt.

From the cave dwelling of eremites, Virgin Mary’s monastery (known also as Deir-el-Adra, or the Santa Maria) has turned into something reminding strengthened military camp, – evil tongues say that if happened awful, the monastery would become a good shelter for all Coptic population of Asyut. 

The number of the pilgrims who are flowing down here on the Sacred maiden (on August 15-30) testifies to the popularity of a monastery bolshushchy, reaching one million people.

On this occasion, round the spacious cave church by the tradition of old Egypt icons which in the rest of the time are stored inside is exposed.

Coptic altars are turned to the East not only because directly again the Christ from there should be, well and consequently that God – is “sun” of their religion. 

The best excursions in Egypt: Virgin Mary’s Monastery

Pilgrims are photographed against the huge image of the Mother of God or the green plain on which the fine view from a monastery terrace reveals. Under a terrace, there is a Coptic village where nuns have opened a charitable drugstore. In total in a monastery there live about fifty nuns and monks.