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Coptic Pilgrimage

The best thing to experience in the city is the Coptic Pilgrimage, which occurs August of each year. You can’t get this experience in any other city nearby.

The Copts believe the events of Egypt’s past affect the way it is today, such as the Sacred Family taking cover in the caves just 12km away from Asyut. Christian hermits, or eremites, remained in the caves for shelter. It turned into a sort of a monastery for the Virgin Mary and Christians that needed sanctuary. At one point, the monastery sheltered one million people

At the monastery, you can see images of pilgrims next to an even bigger image of the Virgin Mary. If you go to the terrace, you can see a beautiful view of the green plain. Below the terrace, you will find the Coptic village. A charitable drugstore was opened by nuns in the village to help the less fortunate. Roughly 50 monks and nuns live in the monastery.

The best excursions in Egypt: Virgin Mary’s Monastery

Pilgrims are photographed against the huge image of the Mother of God or the green plain on which the fine view from a monastery terrace reveals. Under a terrace, there is a Coptic village where nuns have opened a charitable drugstore. In total in a monastery there live about fifty nuns and monks. 

Updated On May 04, 2020