Memphis {Mit Rahina Museum}


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Mit Rahina Museum

Memphis {Mit Rahina Museum}

One of the most ancient human settlements in history and the first capital of Egypt established in 3100 by King Menes when he conquered the southern section of the country to join his northern kingdom. It remained the capital of Egypt for a period that exceeds 2000 years afterwards.

Although the city, during many periods of prosperity hosted many temples, especially those dedicated to the ancient god Ptah, many royal palaces, and a large number of other structures, it is sad that the only sections that survived until today, from the original city, are the ruins of a Grand Temple of Ptah.

Many, or almost all, of the displays, exhibited in the open air museum of Memphis today belong to the era of the New Kingdom, and mainly to Ramses II, the most famous and the greater builder of ancient Egypt.

The most important highlights of Memphis include the huge Colossi of Ramses II, one of the largest statues in the world, the famous alabaster sphinx, many statues of Ramses, Goddess Hathour, the goddess of beauty in ancient Egypt, and many other interesting exhibitions.