Hurghada Travel Guide


In the grand tapestry of Egypt’s coastal cities, Hurghada shines as the Red Sea’s radiant gem, rivaling the historical allure of Alexandria on the Mediterranean. This bustling city serves as the capital of the Red Sea Governorate, stretching from the northern Suez to the southern borders near Halayeb and Shalateen, adjacent to Sudan.

A Haven for Tourists

Hurghada has evolved into a premier tourist destination within Egypt. Home to over 300 hotels and resorts, ranging from cozy two-stars to opulent five-stars, Hurghada caters to a diverse array of global visitors annually.

Beaches and Underwater Wonders

Renowned for hosting the largest number of tourists in Egypt, Hurghada is celebrated for its extensive sandy beaches that span over 40 kilometers along the Red Sea. The city’s most mesmerizing feature is its unparalleled coral reefs, offering a vibrant underwater spectacle unseen anywhere else in the world.

Health and Wellness Retreat

For enthusiasts of aquatic adventures, Hurghada is a playground of possibilities. From diving and snorkeling among the vibrant coral reefs to windsurfing, water skiing, fishing, and boating, the city offers an array of water sports for every level of thrill-seeker.


In recent years, Hurghada has also gained recognition as a center for health and wellness. The combination of its sun-soaked climate, fine sands, mineral waters, and therapeutic mud has proven beneficial for treating various health issues, including rheumatism and skin diseases.

Entertainment and Leisure

Hurghada is more than just its natural beauty. The city boasts an array of shopping malls, a variety of restaurants, lively nightclubs, and state-of-the-art gyms. Visitors can also explore swimming pools, natural protected areas, historical sites, and marine life museums, offering a comprehensive entertainment and leisure experience.

A Vacationer's Paradise

For those seeking an idyllic vacation along the Red Sea, Hurghada and its sister city, Sharm El Sheikh, represent the ultimate getaway. These cities offer everything a vacationer might dream of – from stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to a treasure trove of marine life, ensuring an unforgettable Egyptian coastal experience.

Created On 1 Jan 2019

Updated On April 27, 2024

HURGHADA Travel Guide
Aerial view of several boats and yachts on a clear blue sea near a sandy shore
Boats and yachts congregate in serene blue waters, showcasing the allure of the sea
Aerial view of a luxurious tropical resort with large swimming pools, palm trees, and colorful umbrellas.
Lush palm trees and inviting pools offer a slice of paradise at this opulent tropical resort.

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