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How To Go To Kom Ombo

Getting To Kom Ombo

In fact, there are several ways a traveler can choose from when it comes to how to go to Kom Ombo. Here is how,

1) By Air

Daily flights are available with Egypt Air from Cairo to Aswan (1¼ hours). If tourist demand increases, the 30-minute flight to Luxor may be reinstated. 

2) By Bus

The bus station is 3.5km north of the train station, but the tourist office advises against traveling by bus as it is too much of a hassle. Upper Egypt Bus Co has two daily buses to Abu Simbel (E£35, four hours, departing 8 am and 5 pm). A direct bus to Cairo (14 hours) leaves at 6 am and 3 pm daily.

3) By Servees

Servees and minibusses leave from the bus station,3.5km north of the train station. A taxi there will cost E£15 or 50pt in a communal taxi. A seat in a servees or minibus to Luxor costs E£18, to Kom Ombo E£7 and to Edfu E£15.

4) By Train

From Aswan Train Station (2314754) a number of daily trains run north to Cairo from 5 am to 9.10pm (E£175, 14 hours). Tickets should be bought in advance but can be bought on the train for an additional E£6.

All trains heading north stop at Daraw (1st/2nd class E£22/15, 45 minutes), KomOmbo (E£24/17, one hour), Edfu (E£28/19, two hours), Esna (E£38/23, 2½ hours) and Luxor (E£45/29, three hours).

Student discounts are available on all of these trains. Watania Egypt Sleeping Train (230 2124; has two daily services to Cairo at 5 pm and 7 pm; per person/double cabin (fits two) including dinner and breakfast US$60/12