Journeying to Luxor

Getting to Luxor

1) By Air

  • Egypt Air: Flights to Cairo are the primary service, with potential options to Abu Simbel (via Aswan) and Sharm el-Sheikh. However, these additional routes may be limited due to low demand.
  • Contact: Egypt Air can be reached at (238 0581) on Corniche an-Nil.

2) By Bus

  • ZANAKTA Bus Station: Located approximately 1km from the airport on the road to the airport.
  • Upper Egypt Bus Co: Tickets available in town, south of the train station, with some buses departing from there.
  • Routes & Prices:
    • Cairo: 6.30pm from town office, 7pm from bus station ($20, 10-11 hours). Advance booking essential.
    • Hurghada: Multiple daily buses, 8.30am to 8pm ($20 to $25, 5 hours).
    • Sharm el-Sheikh: Leaves at 4.30pm from town office ($28, 12 hours).
    • Dahab: Leaves at 4.30pm from town office ($30, 13-16 hours).
    • Port Said: Daily at 7.30pm ($20, 12 hours).
    • Western Desert Oases: Train to Asyut, then buses to Kharga ($24) and Dakhla ($20).

3) By Super Jet

Super Jet Buses: Operates from Luxor bus station at 8pm to Cairo ($20, 8-9 hours) via Hurghada ($24, 4 hours).

4) By Felucca

Felucca Travel: Travel from Luxor to Aswan is not direct; most feluccas leave from Esna due to the Esna Lock.

5) By Servees & Microbus

  • Service Location: East bank station behind the train station.
  • Routes & Prices:
    • Luxor to Aswan: E£600 to E£750.
    • Esna: E£150, Edfu: E£290, Kom Ombo: E£450, Hurghada: E£900, Qena: E£300.
    • Private trips to Aswan: E£450 to E£500.
    • Kharga: E£700 for the car (max 7 people).

6) By Train

  • Luxor Station (Midan al-Mahatta): Offers left-luggage, phones, and a post office.
  • Watania Egypt Sleeping Train: Daily to Cairo at 7.15pm and 10.30pm. Prices: Single/double including dinner and breakfast US$80/120, child (4-19 years) US$45.
  • Day Trains to Cairo: Train 981 at 8.25am is recommended. Prices vary based on destination.
  • Ticket Purchase: Advance purchase recommended, onboard purchase incurs a $5 surplus.


Traveling to Luxor offers various options including air, bus, felucca, microbus, and train. Each mode of transportation has its own set of schedules, pricing, and routes. It’s advisable to plan ahead and make necessary reservations to ensure a smooth journey to Luxor.

LUXOR Travel Guide
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Timeless Scripts - The enduring legacy of Egyptian hieroglyphs etched onto an obelisk
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