The Temple Of Dendera


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The Temple of Dendera

The Temple of Dendera

Situated around 60 kilometres to the North of Luxor on the West Bank of the River Nile, the Temple of Dendera is one of the most important ancient Egyptian religious complexes as it was the place where supposedly Hathour gave birth to Ihy; the son of the falcon god; Horus.

Although this temple was constructed during the Greco-Roman period, it was constructed following the outlines, styles, and architectural forms of ancient Egypt. This is why it gives a great opportunity to the guests to view the greatness of the structures built in the Pharaonic period of history.

The outline of the temple of Dendera consists of a series of hypostyle halls followed at the end by a dark sanctuary with ceilings. This plan is followed all over with different chapels, maze rooms, and various halls.

Other structures inside the temple of Dendera include two marvellously coloured birthplaces with their brilliant walls colours and drawings.