The Valley Of The Queens


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The Valley of the Queens

The Valley Of The Queens

Located to the southwest of the Valley of the Kings and it hosts the dead bodies of many wives and children of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom.

Although this necropolis was known and used since the reign of the 18th dynasty, the first royal wife of a king; Ramses I, was buried here in the ruling period of the 19th dynasty. This amazing valley contains at least 75 tombs but just four of the tombs are open for viewing. 

The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Queens, which was originally named by Champollion, is the tomb of Queen Nefertari which is considered by many people the most beautiful ancient Egyptian tomb in Egypt.

Nefertari was the favourite wife of the king Ramses I. Nefertari was named the most beautiful & beloved of Mut, the god of Thebes and her tomb really reflects this as it is featured with marvellous wall paintings and different types of mortuary art.

Nefertari Mery-en-Mut, whose name means ‘most beautiful, beloved of the goddess Mut’, was the Great Royal Wife of Rameses II. Her tomb reflects the queen’s position in the eyes of her husband in the beauty of its construction, its vivid colours and unusual scenes, and the many favourable epitaphs which describe her beauty and her sweet and charming nature.

Another interesting tomb in the Valley of the Queens is the tomb of Amun Kher-Khepshef; a masterpiece of art and one of the most famous in this royal necropolis. It is featured with its ornamented walls with the white background colour and it remarkable scenes of the ancient Egyptian afterlife.


Updated On May 03, 2020