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At the port, there is a cluster of places selling fuul (fava bean paste) and ta’amiyya (felafel) in the area behind the National Bank of Egypt and before the ticket office for Aqaba ferries. If you’d prefer a bit more than a quick bite, however, the selection is a little better in and around Nuweiba City. If you’re out in Tarabin, you’ll probably take meals at your camp or hotel.

Cleopatra Restaurant

One of the more popular tourist restaurants in Nuweiba City, Cleopatra offers up the bounty of the sea along with a few Western fast food favorites.

Located in South Siani, Nuweiba, Egypt

Han Kang

This surprisingly good Chinese restaurant hits the spot, especially if you’ve been on the road for a while and can’t bear to look at another felafel sandwich.

Dr. Shishkebab

The place to head to for filling and tasty kebab meals.