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Moulid Abd El-Rahim Al Qenawi {Festival}

In addition to its Ancient Egyptian heritage as the city of Cainepolis. Qena has a considerable Islamic heritage and a famous mosque.

The Maghrebi “That who came from Morocco” Abd el-Rahim settled in Qena upon his return from Mecca and founded a Sufi center here. Upon his death in 1195, a mosque was built above his tomb and became a place of pilgrimage.

Devotees of Sufism visit the famous mosque located in this city. Qena had been identified as a center for Sufi preaching in Egypt. Thus Qena has almost become a religious center for the Sufi Muslims in Egypt. Tourists can also visit the Sheikh el-Qenawi Mosque in Qena. 

There is a huge modern mosque of Sheikh el-Qenawi in the main square which attests to his importance.