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Nabq National Park

Nabq National Park

Nabq is situated on the coast between Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh. This 600 km2 desert area was declared a conversation area in 1992. Here you can find a 4 km long mangrove forest.

Mangroves belong to the amphibic vegetation and grow in flat, sandy areas along tropical coasts. So-called stalk roots are tightly interwoven both in and above the water. The roots are able to filter the saline water and salt is excreted via the leaves of the trees.

Nabq is the natural habitat for a large variety of plant species as well as various animals like Starks, herons, desert foxes, gazelles and hyenas. Underwater around Nabq you can even find populations of the extremely rare Manatee also called “Sea Cows” or “Dugongs”. Open daily from morning to sunset.