The Red Monastery


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The Red Monastery


The Red Monastery, located in a village, has an interesting history. The monastery was said to have been built in the 5th century by St. Bishoi, a converted robber who was a follower of St. Shenouda. Wall paintings that are as old as the 10th and 12th centuries can be found in the monastery.

Being one of the three only surviving monuments from the period in which Byzantine architecture was prevalent, the Red Monastery is a truly significant building. The other two monuments are Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey (initially converted to an Ottoman Mosque and eventually a museum in 1935) and the Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy.

Despite not being on the list of Egyptian tourist sites, the Egyptian Monastery is still quite renowned all over the world. The monastery has played host to thousands of tourists from all over the world as well as official envoys from countries like Britain, the Vatican, and the USA in the year 2016 only.