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Events In Luxor

Luxor, with its rich historical and cultural landscape, also celebrates various events and festivals that add color and vibrancy to the city. Here are some notable events in Luxor:

  1. Moulid of Abu al-Haggag: Celebrated in honor of Luxor’s patron saint, Yousef Abu al-Haggag, this festival is one of Egypt’s largest. It takes place around the Mosque of Abu al-Haggag, built atop Luxor Temple. Occurring in the third week before Ramadan, this five-day carnival features traditional music, dancing, and various cultural activities, reflecting the rich heritage of the region.
  2. Luxor Marathon: Usually held in late January or early February, this marathon is a significant athletic event. The race course winds through the West Bank, starting and finishing at Deir al-Bahri, and encompasses major archaeological sites. It attracts runners from around the world, providing a unique backdrop of ancient monuments.
  3. Local Moulids: Several smaller moulids (celebrations of saints) occur around Luxor, each with its unique charm. These include the moulids of Abu’l Gumsan near Tariff, Sheikh Musa and Abu al-Jud in Karnak, Sheikh Hamid, and Sheikh Hussein. These events offer an authentic glimpse into local religious and cultural practices.
  4. Moulid of Mar Girgis (St George): This week-long Coptic festival is held at the Mar Girgis Monastery in Razagat, culminating on November 11. Despite being in a restricted area for foreigners, it draws large crowds for its religious significance and cultural festivities.


These events in Luxor not only provide entertainment but also a deeper understanding of the local customs, religious beliefs, and communal spirit. They offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to engage with the local community and experience the true essence of Luxor beyond its ancient ruins and temples.

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