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Menya’s Mysteries: Full Day Archaeological Tour: Unlock the secrets of ancient Egypt with our Menya‘s Mysteries tour, a comprehensive full-day archaeological adventure. This excursion takes you through the lesser-known yet fascinating region of Menya (Minya), where you will discover gems like the tombs of Beni Hassan, with their vivid depictions of daily ancient life, and the captivating Tuna el-Gebel, the necropolis filled with mummified ibises and baboons. Explore the ruins of Tell el-Amarna, the short-lived capital founded by the heretic king Akhenaten. This tour is perfect for those looking to delve deeper into Egypt’s rich history, beyond the more frequented sites.



Comfortable Footwear: Prepare for extensive walking during tours, especially at archaeological sites.

Sun Protection: Equip yourself with sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat to enjoy your excursions under the Egyptian sun.

Cultural Respect: Dress modestly when visiting religious sites and be prepared to remove footwear when required.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi may be limited at some locations, ensuring you have all necessary apps and information downloaded beforehand.

Hotel Pickup: Be ready in your hotel lobby 15 minutes before your scheduled departure for each day’s adventures.


  • Personalized Airport Welcome: Start your Egypt adventure with a warm greeting from our friendly representatives at the airport. They will ensure a seamless beginning to your exploration of ancient wonders.
  • Private Transfers: Travel in comfort with private, air-conditioned transfers to and from the airport and between your accommodations and tour sites.
  • Expert English-Speaking Guides: Our professional guides are fluent in English and possess deep knowledge of Egyptology, ensuring you receive a rich educational experience as you explore.
  • Comprehensive Entrance Fees: Gain seamless access to all sites listed in your itinerary without any hidden costs. We handle all entrance fees so you can focus on enjoying your journey.
  • Refreshments Provided: Stay refreshed and hydrated with bottled water provided during your tours, ensuring your comfort throughout your adventures in the Egyptian sun.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: All service charges and taxes are included in your tour price, guaranteeing a transparent and hassle-free travel experience with no unexpected fees.


  • Optional Tours: Any tours outside the itinerary, including special excursions and personal explorations, are not included and can be booked at an additional cost.
  • Personal Spending: Expenses for personal items, souvenirs, extra beverages, and other individual purchases are not included.
  • Tipping: Gratuities for tour guides, cruise staff, and drivers are not included and are at your discretion based on the service received.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance isn’t included in your package, but it’s super important to get a comprehensive plan. It will cover you for unexpected events, medical emergencies, and any trip cancellations. Stay safe and travel worry-free!

Menya's Mysteries: Full Day Archaeological Tour Plan

  • Journey to Al Menya: Your adventure begins with a scenic drive from Cairo to Al Menya, a region celebrated for its historical significance and natural beauty. Prepare to be captivated by the stories and landscapes that have shaped this part of Egypt.
  • Beni Hassan Tombs: Our first stop in Al Menya is Beni Hassan, an ancient burial site dating back to the Middle Kingdom. Explore the intricately carved tombs adorned with remarkable colors and decorations that offer insight into the lives, beliefs, and artistic achievements of the era.
  • Hermopolis: Next, we visit Hermopolis, once the center of worship for Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing. Discover how this site evolved under the Ptolemies to honor Hermes, merging ancient Egyptian beliefs with Hellenistic influences in a fascinating blend of cultures.
  • Tal El Amarna: Our final destination is Tal El Amarna, the revolutionary capital established by Akhenaten. This site marks a significant shift in ancient Egyptian religion to the worship of a single deity, Aten, the sun god. Wander among the remains of cliff tombs, palaces, and temples, each telling a part of the story of this bold and controversial pharaoh.
  • Return to Cairo: After a day immersed in the wonders of Al Menya, relax as we transport you back to your hotel in Cairo. Reflect on the day’s discoveries and the enduring legacy of Egypt’s heartland.

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