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The Rich Historical Tapestry of Qena

Qena, a town steeped in a blend of ancient and Islamic heritage, holds a significant place in Egypt’s historical narrative. Here’s an exploration of its storied past:

  1. Ancient Beginnings and Greek Influence
    • Originally named Caene (New Town) by the ancient Greeks, distinguishing it from the nearby Coptos (now Qifṭ).
    • Located 23 km north of Coptos, it gradually took over the latter’s significant trade with Arabia, India, and China.
  2. Trade and Route Changes
    • The shift in trade prominence was due to a new northern route across the Eastern Desert to the ports of Safaga and Al-Quṣier.
    • Post-Mamlūk period (after 1517) archaeological findings at Al-Quṣier suggest the change in trade routes.
    • Although trade diminished in the Ottoman period, this northern route persisted, especially for Upper Egyptians embarking on the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.
  3. Islamic Influence and Religious Significance
    • Qena is not just an ancient trade hub but also a center of Islamic heritage.
    • The Maghrebi Abd el-Rahim, upon returning from Mecca, established a Sufi center in Qena.
    • His death in 1195 led to the construction of a mosque over his tomb, turning it into a pilgrimage site.
    • The large modern mosque of Sheikh el-Qenawi in the town’s main square highlights his enduring influence.
  4. Modern Developments and Infrastructure
    • The town experienced a revival during and after World War II.
    • Its strategic location as a terminus for the road to the Red Sea coast and its status as a governorate capital spurred growth.
    • The construction of a bridge across the Nile and the upgrading of the Upper Egypt highway, passing through Qena, enhanced its importance.
    • Qena is well-connected, served by the Cairo–Aswan railway and a nearby military air base.
  5. Economic and Cultural Hub
    • Today, Qena is a bustling market town and a service center for road vehicles.
    • Traditionally noted for producing porous clay water vessels, a craft that continues to this day.

Qena’s rich tapestry of history, from its Greek roots and Islamic heritage to its modern-day significance, makes it a city of multifaceted cultural and historical importance. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of civilizations and cultures that have contributed to its development over the centuries.

Created On March 25, 2020

Updated On January 26, 2024

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