Ras Sudr Travel Guide

About The City Of Ras Sudr

Nestled 90 kilometers south of Suez, Ras Sudr emerges as an idyllic haven for both novice and seasoned water sports enthusiasts. As the tides dance to their rhythmic patterns, this picturesque locale offers a choice between its shallow lagoons and the open sea, with the latter revealing a shallow seabed at low tide.

The waters here are a spectacle of nature, boasting a crystal-clear turquoise hue that flows gently over a sandy bottom, unmarred by rocks or coral. The local hotels, seemingly adrift in this serene landscape, provide a tranquil respite, yet Cairo’s bustling energy is but a day’s journey away. El Tur, the administrative heart of South Sinai, exudes an authentic Middle Eastern charm. With its sparse tourist footprint, an evening sojourn here is an enriching experience, offering a glimpse into the region’s unadulterated culture.

Moses Bay, a stone’s throw from the area’s sole hotel, is a windsurfer’s paradise. Its 1km long ‘speed-strip’ is neatly tucked behind a slender strip of land. For beginners, a nearby lagoon offers a safe yet deep playground. The smaller swells at the spit’s tip are enjoyable, but the true gem is Habibi Beach, a mere 2km north. Here, the building winds sculpt waves that, while modest by global standards, are a thrill for the Egyptian coast. A downwinder back to the hotel adds to the adventure.

El Tur is not just about water sports; it’s a gateway to historical and natural marvels. A mere 90-minute drive away lies the ancient St Catherine’s Monastery, nestled at the base of Mount Sinai. The journey there is a spectacle in itself, winding through Sinai’s largest oasis, Wâdi Feiran. Even closer, just an hour’s drive, are the world-renowned dive and snorkel sites of Ras Mohammed National Park, a paradise for underwater explorers with its fish-rich coral reefs.

Sharm El-Sheikh, 20km away, offers a contrast with its vibrant nightlife and luxury attractions, including a casino and Hard Rock Café. However, for water sport aficionados, the bay of El Nabq at the town’s northern end is the main draw, featuring a 300m shallow area and challenging kickers over the reef.

Further north, an hour’s drive from Ras Sudr, lies Dahab. This former sleepy hippy village, now a bustling holiday hotspot, has evolved into a windsurfing mecca. Its expansive sandy bay, home to most hotels, hosts three dedicated windsurfing spots. These include El Nabq, Speedy with its smooth 800m-long speed-strip, and the freestyler’s delight, Baby Bay. For the more adventurous, the open ocean beyond the reef offers 2.5m high swells at Kamikazee, a spot revered yet approached with caution.

Recent developments include an official kite spot near Bay View Resort & Spa and a small, shallow lagoon for kite instruction. For a change of pace, the Assala Lighthouse area at the village’s northern end offers exhilarating reef point waves, though the namesake lighthouse is no more. Visitors should be mindful of the rocky launch and the area’s popularity with divers.

In essence, Ras Sudr and its surroundings present a mosaic of experiences, blending exhilarating water sports with cultural depth and natural splendor, making it a unique and compelling destination for travelers seeking both adventure and authenticity in Egypt.

Created On May 4, 2020

Updated On April 27, 2024

Ras Sudr Travel Guide
A kite surfer suspended mid-air above the water, performing a trick.
Defying gravity, a kite surfer takes to the skies with skillful ease
A wooden walkway leading through a tranquil resort with thatched cabanas and palm trees beside a calm water body, under a cloudy sky
Escape to Tranquility: Where the walkway meets water and sky

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